To everyone who is hurting or knows someone who is

help is on the way.

Healing phrases and tips you must know to ENCOURAGE your friends now!

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"I had a much stronger awareness of setting intentions and ffirmations with my son after reading this eBook. I felt more empowered to set a positive tone for our day. The best part is that I thought I was doing this for my son, but I also benefited from it by feeling more positive about setting intentions to have a wonderful day.

Also when my son was ill, he kept waking up and calling my name and I sensed he was wanting reassurance that he would be ok. I would repeat over and over that he was ok and very healthy. I also encouraged him to ask God to help him. He seemed soothed by that. Instead of feeling helpless and wondering what to say to him, I felt confident that what I was saying was valuable and I feel my confidence allowed him to rest more deeply. It was comforting to me to see him visibly relax with the affirmation that he was ok and healthy. He would repeat the word healthy over and over. It was so sweet."

- Lorilynn
from Sedona, AZ 

Customer Support and FAQ's

Q: Does this book explain what encouragement is?

A: Yes, it gives many different definitions, descriptions, views and opinions on the subject of encouragement. Because people are different, there are a variety of ways to help others.

Q. Does this have short practical words or phrases of encouragement?

A. Yes this has many practical words and phrases of encouragement you can use.

Q: How do you know who needs encouragement?

A: In any given group of people, there will always be those who are feeling down and in need of some encouragement. In fact, we all have problems, ranging from the frivolous to the serious, every single day, and need someone who will listen to us. How to recognize that and how to listen properly are key—which are explained in the book.

Q: Can anyone learn to encourage?

A: Yes, as long as you are willing to take the risk associated with reaching out, you can learn to encourage, inspire and motivate others.

Q: Does this book have poems and quotes that encourage?

A: Yes, there are many inspiring poems and quotes included.

Q: Does it make a difference to your children if you are a positive or negative parent?

A: It makes all the difference in the world to your children when you learn to be a positive parent!

Q. Does this have words to say to your sick children or to motivate your child in school?

A: Yes this explains what you can do and say to help a sick child feel better and raise kids who learn to be winners in whatever they choose.

Q: How long does it take to read and apply the techniques?

A: You can begin immediately when you download this book!

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